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The services that Learn IT With Laura offer are as follows:

IT Support

Learn IT with Laura offers support for you as an individual at home or for staff running small businesses. Whether you use a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile device, I can help with:

  • Set up of a new device – computer, printer, etc.
  • Software installation including updates, and anti virus set up
  • Showing you how to use a particular programme or app
  • Showing you how best to use your email system and manage files (Where is that lost file or folder?)
  • Solving problems with your system or computer.
  • Photographic and video storage, editing and presentation
  • Social networking with family, friends, colleagues and business contacts.
  • Setting up a website
  • Digital (on-line) marketing
  • Producing digital newsletters.

Digital Marketing

For businesses, digital marketing has fast become the most powerful tool in the media today. It is important to understand how to use it. It includes: social media; website creation and content management; Google Analytics; Search Engine Optimisation; digital newsletter creation and distribution; promotional DVDs; life story DVDs; Internet navigation; and security awareness.


I can either teach you how to do it yourself or I can do it for you and, if you wish, manage your set-up on an agreed month-by-month basis.


In business, training is important for all ages. I can provide support and individual training or workshops for groups of employees to enable them to overcome their problems, learn to use new software and to develop knowledge and skill in digital marketing.


Popular choices for workshops are Social Media; and Digital Newsletter writing, distribution and analysis.


If you have a willing group of participants to join you and have a subject in mind, please contact me to discuss your proposal.

IT Support, Training and Digital Marketing Service

Learn IT with Laura can help! Call me now to discuss your IT problems and to arrange a meeting on 07889 261282.

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